Clinical Training in India with Dr. Manish Bhatia

In-clinic training with Dr. Manish Bhatia is available for homeopathy students and professional homeopaths from India and abroad at Asha Homeopathy Medical Center, one of India’s leading homeopathy clinic.

homeopathy training in indiaStudents are allowed to assist Dr. Bhatia during consultation and student groups are shown live cases through video. The student get to see all the cases during his/her stay. Cases are translated in English and prescriptions discussed.

The students get to see a wide variety of acute and chronic cases daily. During the process of discussion students are taught about acute case taking, chronic case taking, handling special cases like Cancer, ADHD, Autism, Neuropathy etc. Therapeutic hints, clinical insights, medical knowledge, philosophy and materia medica relevant to cases are also discussed freely.

Feedback on Homeopathy Training in India


“I recently had the opportunity to sit in with Dr. Bhatia in his clinic. He is a unique homeopath who follows Hahnemann’s teaching in depth; I appreciated my stay keenly. I consider him to have immense insights about the treatment methods of our master and an inimitable understanding of homeopathy. He was always willing to share his experiences, was able to answer the whole lot of my questions and introduced me to the magnitude of his online platform for homeopathy, his program on posology and much more. One of the best teachers! Briefly: As a professional or as a patient, I can highly recommend a visit to his clinic.”

– Dr. Katharina Gaertner, Germany


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