Classical Homeopathy Course – Online Program by The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy

  • Are you DISSATISFIED with your homeopathy education OR do you find it DIFFICULT to cure with consistency?
  • Do you want to learn Classical Homeopathy and EXCEL as a master homeopath?

If your answer is YES, then you have got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn homeopathy from the master of all masters, the world’s most renowned homeopath, Alternative Noble Prize winner, Prof. George Vithoulkas from Greece.

Vithoulkas’ teachings are now available to everyone by this special E-LEARNING PROGRAM.

This online homeopathy course is based on the highest educational standards. Each student will be moderated for his progress in his studies and a teacher will be available together with George Vithoulkas in order to answer questions from the students.

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About George Vithoulkas

Learn Homeopathy Online with George Vithoulkas
George Vithoulkas is one of most well-known homeopaths in the world and is considered among the finest homeopathy teachers of all times!

In 1996, he was honored with the Right Livelihood Award (also known as Alternative Nobel Prize, “…for his outstanding contribution to the revival of homeopathic knowledge and the training of homeopaths to the highest standards”.

In 1995, he established the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Alonissos, Greece, where he serves as Head of Educational Department (Educator). In this Academy, George Vithoulkas gives over the knowledge gleaned from his 40 years of his experience and teaches his most current theories regarding levels of health. Every year, during the summer months, groups of doctors from various countries gather to be trained at the Academy. They come from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Russia, the U.S.A., Canada, Austria, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil and Greece. 9.000 medical doctors and homeopathic practitioners from 32 countries have been trained in International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

More About the Homeopathy E-Learning program

Free online homeopathy course in India US UK Canada Australia Europe

It is a unique chance to learn homeopathy AT HOME, save money for hotel and travel and study with George Vithoulkas while you sit at home. The online homeopathy course contains all you need to become an excellent homeopath because you will understand the rules of homeopathy and learn how to apply them. The program is also a chance for every experienced homeopath to deepen their knowledge and learn what until now was only available to those students who travelled to the Greek island Alonissos.

This is a complete distance learning homeopathy course program that can help you establish yourself as a good classical homeopathy practitioner, a program that can give wings to your homeopathic dreams – of studying at the best institute globally,  under the best guide in the world, and of becoming a very fine classical homeopath!

Through this course, you will understand what is important within the patient for prescribing and what is important within Materia Medica to base the prescription onto. You will be able to spot remedies you would never have been able to find without the clear and structured teaching George Vithoulkas is famous for. The theory of the Levels of Health will enable you to deeply understand the process your patient is going through and you will understand when to apply what potency, how often to repeat it and what to expect as a reaction. You will learn when an aggravation will happen or why sometimes you may see first an amelioration on certain symptoms and then an aggravation after which a long-standing amelioration takes place. Because of the structure and clarity of the teaching, it will lead to perfection in prescribing.

You will have the possibility to see his analysis of many cases, how he takes the case, how he synthesizes the information in order to find the correct remedy, information about differential Materia Medica, strategies of homeopathic prescribing and generally you will attend an absolutely high standard and quality of teaching.


Course Modules

  • Theory
  • Materia Medica
  • Case Study
  • Repertorisation
  • Parameters determining the Level of Health of each patient
  • Evaluation and Analysis of each case.
  • General Topics about Homeopathy and Health


Course Features

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Location: Online/Home-study
  • Requirement: Broadband connection
  • Mode: Video Recorded lectures, Texts and Tests
  • Material: 300 hours of video & audio, 300 hours of study and 150 hours of clinical practice.
  • Fee: See details in text
  • Result: Certificate or Diploma from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece

During the course of the E-LEARNING PROGRAM, you will have the chance to attend live lectures of George Vithoulkas online!

Homeopathy online course will contain many other facilities for the students like:

  • moderators will respond to your questions
  • a database for searching George Vithoulkas’ books will be offered to you
  • there will be tests at the end of teaching modules
  • final online exams [optional, see FAQ]
  • books free of charge*
  • a forum in which the students write their questions and the moderator-tutor is answering.

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The program is available in the English language and in Spanish language with subtitled videos.

It consists of 300 hours of video & audio, 300 hours of study and 150 hours of clinical practice (total:750 hours).

The duration of the course is 2 years.


Firstly, I absolutely love the course! The lectures are inspiring, instructive and educational. I feel confident in what is being taught, and really appreciate George’s honest and down-to-earth approach. The content is great, especially with the backup of the books that came with the course. Thank you.
– F. T. Sports Therapy

I enjoy very much the video lectures of Prof. Vithoulkas! They are of real help to me. He is a marvellous teacher, and I feel that he opens my mind, offering me very clear information.
– A. C. Medical Doctor

I have studied homeopathy off and on for over 14 years and I can say without hesitation that the E-learning homeopathy course offered by the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy has been by far the best thing I have ever invested my time and resources in.
– S. N. Homeopath

In my opinion, the online homeopathy course is most excellent, reflecting the quality of Prof. Vithoulkas’ teaching.
– J.W.V. Homeopath

This E-Learning course has been The Best I Have Ever Done!!!
It is not just because it is a Homeopathy course, which in this case it’s the first I ever take, but I guarantee that I have never seen a more complete E-Learning course.
I am a Veterinarian and I have done many E-Learning courses in my area and yet never had the pleasure to have a course where you could read/receive so many books from the course master (George Vithoulkas), see/hear so many lectures on line that actually makes you feel as if you were back in college, have interacting written conversations with the course master and George itself, and who knows what else will you astonish us with!!!

I am so pleased to have decided to enrol in this course, so certain that my life as a vet will have another perspective from now on, gratefully more satisfying. It is definitively one of those courses where you can say your life before and after became totally different, as in homeopathy we could say “never better since” in this case, I would rather use “forever better since”!!!

The online videos are definitively FANTASTIC!!! It really makes you feel as if you are back in college. So this by itself is enough reason for a golden medal in online courses. I would rather share the Golden Medal. George Vithoulkas is really an extraordinarily good communicator and therefore a very good teacher, explaining the essentials of every remedy in a very simple yet highly effective way.
– JP

I have been very pleased with the E-Learning Program. I feel it is organized well and at the same time, you are open to hearing from students regarding improvements. I truly appreciate Dr. Vithoulkas’ clarity in conveying the information. I am still in awe that good classical homeopathy is now available to so many of us who could never be able to afford to go to Greece for this training. I know this will help spread a proper understanding and practice of homeopathy and put homeopathy back in good standing with the world.
– JA

I am really enthusiastic about the teachings and I am very happy that I have made the decision to join this online course in homeopathy. Although I had spent many years trying to learn and understand homeopathy, gathering knowledge from all different approaches, I finally ended up in confusion. With the teachings of Mr. Vithoulkas I can see that there is a chance that I will be able to bring a structure into the knowledge I had achieved before, but which in the end seemed vague and unreliable. With the live sessions offered on the weekend, you feel really good contact with the school and the other students. Thank you so much for the immense knowledge you are offering us.
– AS

So How Much Does This Course Cost?

A regular course with the same course material can cost you over $20000 USD including the course fee, flights and hotel stay.

But this e-learning program, which is equally exhaustive and shares the same lectures of Prof. Vithoulkas with you that he has taken live at the academy, is very nominally priced for members of!*

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