Frequently Asked Questions

About IACH e-Learning course in Classical Homeopathy


1. When does this course start?

This is a continuous learning course delivered via lectures of Prof. George Vithoulkas that were recorded during live classes at IACH. You can start your course at any time. The study hours are also flexible. You can watch and listen to the lectures at a time that is convenient for you.

It is a self-paced course, which means that you can listen to several lectures on the same day and if time doesn’t permit, you can skip your studies for several days too. But you need to cover all the modules within a period of two years.

2. What is the duration of the course?

Two years.
But the course can be finished early by studying more! 🙂

3. What is the content of the Course?

Theory, Materia Medica, Repertorization, Topics, Questions and Answers and Cases with extensive Analysis.

4. How many remedies will I be taught?

Approx. 150 remedies. Below you can find the curriculum of the Course:

IACH Homeopathy Course Curriculum

5. Will I be taught the theory of Prof. Vithoulkas about “Levels of Health”?

Yes, of course. The new and pioneering theory of the Levels of Health will enable you to deeply understand the process your patient is going through and you will understand when to apply, what potency, how often to repeat it and what to expect as a reaction.

6. What languages is the course available in?

You can take the course either in English or Spanish

7. Please give details about: 300 hours of video & audio, 300 hours of study and 150 hours of clinical practice.

If a student wants to take the Diploma of IACH, he/she has to complete all the hours of the course, to pass the exams and submit 10 cases with six months follow ups. [*The exam at the end is optional (for people from the medical field) along with the 10 cases for which there is this separate exam fee. Without exam, you will get a course attendance certificate.] The Moderator discusses with them these cases and he makes corrections if necessary, etc. This is the 150 hour clinical practice module. If a student doesn’t take part to the Final Exams and does not submit 10 cases, he/she will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

300 hours of video/audio means all the educational material that he/she will watch online.  300 hours of study means the necessary hours of study according to the educational material.

8. My English is not very good, do the videos have subtitles/transcriptions for me to read?

Yes, most videos do have English subtitles.

9. Can I practice homeopathy on the basis of this e-learning course?

The certificate of attendance by itself is not a medical qualification and is not sufficient on its own to practice homeopathy. This online course is an exhaustive learning tool but before starting your practice, make sure that you fulfill the legal requirements in your country. The course will make you capable of practicing classical homeopathy in the best possible way. If you have the legal right to practice homeopathy in your own country, it will be sufficient.

The course does not teach you Anatomy, Physiology and Clinical Medicine.

10. Will I get a Degree or Diploma after the course?

All students who complete this online course get a Certificate of Attendance. Students from the countries where our Diploma is valid may apply for it as the next step. If you want to get a Diploma from IACH, you will need to submit 10 cases with six months follow ups and pass the online Final Exams, which have a separate/extra fee of 370 Euros.

The exam fee for students from SAARC countries is 250 Euros only.

The  right  for  a  participation  in  the  diploma  examinations  is  extended  to  all  Medical Doctors,  Dentists,  Veterinary  Doctors  and  Homeopathic  Practitioners  as  well  as  those who like to become Homeopathic Practitioners and who have the legal right to practice homeopathy in  their  country.

Especially for Greek residents, the right for a participation  in  the  diploma examinations  is  extended  to  all  Medical Doctors,  Dentists and Veterinary  Doctors.  All other students will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

11. I am not a homeopath or homeopathy student. Can I do this course?

If your country laws permit you to study online for a certificate course, you may register to gain knowledge about homeopathy. But only medical professionals, homeopaths and homeopathy students from countries where it is legally recognized, are allowed to appear in the exams for the Diploma. The right to practice homeopathy depends on the laws and regulations in your country and it is your responsibility to abide by the laws and rules of your country.

12. Will I have a tutor to help me?

Yes, of course. The course delivery takes place only at the IACH website. There is a tutor-moderator who answers your questions, evaluates your progress with tests after each module, helps you organize your final 10 cases with six months’ follow ups. If you do not want to receive a Diploma and you want only the Certificate of Attendance, you are not obliged to take part to the exams and to submit the 10 cases.

13. How will I be informed about the questions of other students?

There is a forum at the IACH website, in which you can see all the questions posted by other students since the beginning of the E-Learning Program, with a possibility to also search for words or phrases.

14. What else will I have to study?

Below each video there are portions of books of Hahnemann, Kent & Vithoulkas that you need to study in relation to the video lectures.

You will also find extensive Notes for each lecture.

15. Can I download the videos and store them on my computer?

No, you are not allowed to download the videos. You will be able to access them through the login provided to you after your registration is processed.

16. Do I need an internet connection for this course?

Yes, you need a broadband connection with speed greater than 512kbps (0.5 Mbps). Ideal would be 1 Mbps or more.

17. How do I make the payment?

You will be given two options to make the payment. You will be able to pay online through Paypal using a credit card or you can make a wire transfer to the IACH bank account from your bank account. IACH, Greece does not have any local representatives in any country and all fee has to be paid directly to it. In case PayPal is not an option, making a wire transfer is very easy. We will provide you with detailed instructions and information that your bank can use to process your transfer.

18. Can I make the payment in Indian Rupees, US Dollars or any other currency?

We accept payments in Euro only. The payments are made directly to IACH, Greece. Whether you make the payment online (PayPal) or request your bank to do a wire transfer, the currency conversion will be done by the bank or payment gateway automatically, from your local currency to Euro.

19. Are there any discounts available?

The standard international price of this course is 4000 Euros for two years.

We offer a special price to homeopathy students and doctors from South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Shri Lanka) and Africa. You can do this course in only 2500 Euros.

Even this fee can be paid in four equal installments 6 months apart.

To send your registration request, click on the link below:

20. I need some more clarifications or help.

Drop us an email at and we will be happy to help. 🙂